Video: The 2013 Mini Mudder

40 kids, 30 obstacles, 1 mile.  Checkout the official 2013 Mini Mudder video:

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Congratulations to the 2013 Mini Mudders!

Congratulations to all the 2013 Mini Mudders!

mini mudders 2013

Check back soon for pictures and videos of this year’s event!

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The Mini Mudder 2: Itinerary

We are one week away from The Mini Mudder 2.  Parents please see the itinerary below and report for duty accordingly.

09:00  Mini Mudder Registration begins.  Do not be late.
Coffee and bagels will be served
09:30  Mini Mudder team stretch led by Mr. Ed
Mini Mudder volunteer briefing
09:50  Star Spangled Banner sung by Mr Winn
09:55  Mini Mudder Pledge
10:00  Mini Mudder START
12:00  Mini Mudder Awards.  Hose down/Clean up.
15:00  Post Mini Mudder Party – Dinner, drinks, fire pit, awesomeness.  We’ll provide plenty of food, wine and beer… if you want to bring a side or dessert you can coordinate that with Lindsay (email here).

Note: These kids will be very wet and/or cold at the end of the race.  I recommend we split up to go home and quickly shower/change/get warm and we’ll meet back up for dinner/drinks at 15:00.

Over and Out.

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Team Assignments

Team Assignments

Attention Parents:  you have been assigned to a volunteer team.  Please find your name below, record your team assignment and report for volunteer duty July 5th at 09:00.  Parents will be briefed with additional assignment details at 09:30 while Mr Ed conducts the kid’s warm-ups.

Teams Alpha, Bravo and Charlie are expected to remain relatively clean.  Teams Delta, Echo and Foxtrot will be getting muddy and/or wet so dress accordingly.  Team Whiskey will be in charge of appropriate adult and child hydration.  Team XRay consists of the team medic and course engineers and will be acting as first responders should kids go down.

Any other interested volunteers will be put on team Victor and assigned to video and photograph detail.

Good luck to all.

Team Alpha
Member 1: Lindsay D
Member 2: Laura McB
Member 3: Caroline P
Member 4: Patty W
Member 5: Janis S
Member 6: Amanda D

Team Bravo
Member 1: Christine D
Member 2: Mary H
Member 3: Jenn M
Member 4: Kate J
Member 5: Pauline V

Team Charlie
Member 1: Amy B
Member 2: Angela L
Member 3: Nikki G
Member 4: Kristy F
Member 5: Jenny R

Team Delta
Member 1: Ed D
Member 2: Ted W
Member 3: Brett M
Member 4: Aaron J

Team Echo
Member 1: Harry V
Member 2: Jared R
Member 3: Jason B
Member 4: Frank F

Team Foxtrot
Member 1: Mike H
Member 2: Bob L
Member 3: Adam G
Member 4: Bob S

Team Victor
Member 1:
Member 2:
Member 3:
Member 4:

Team Whiskey
Member 1: Mr McB
Member 2: Mrs McB
Member 3: Annie
Member 4: Pa
Member 5: Maria

Team Xray
Member 1: Barry D
Member 2: John P
Member 3: Kevin McB
Member 4: Andrew D

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Obstacle: The Rock Wall

This weeks featured obstacle is The Rock Wall!  Over 40 yards of jumping up and over huge rock boulders.  Checkout these 2012 participants at the end of the obstacle CRUSHING IT!

Less than 2 weeks away until The Mini Mudder 2!  Have you been training?

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Obstacle: The Lava Pit

The Lava Pit:  participants must pull themselves across the pit without touching the lava!  This and over 20 obstacles will be featured in this years Mini Mudder… are you ready?

Julia and Gavin showing us how its done!

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The 2013 Mini Mudder T-shirt

Tee Shirt 2013

Christine D is ordering The Official Mini Mudder T-shirt for all local competitors this year.  They will be green camo shirts, youth sizes with  The Mini Mudder logo on the front and the official Mini Mudder pledge on the back.  If you would like to order a shirt for your child please fill out the form below with quantities and sizes.  Shirts orders MUST be placed by June 12th for our local event.  If you are interested in hosting your own event and ordering t-shirts at a bulk price please visit our Throw your Own Mini Mudder page to inquire.

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Obstacle: Over Under

Video highlights from the 2012 Mini Mudder obstacle: Over Under.  Participants needed to go over greased barrels and under camo tarps.  Gavin M, Nick K and Jakob B crush this challenging obstacle!

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The 2013 Mini Mudder

Mini Mudder IIYou’ve tackled The Mini Mudder I but Mini Mudder II is going to be even:
And much much muddier!

The 2nd Annual Mini Mudder will take place on Friday, July 5, 2013 at 09:00.

Kids: your mental and physical toughness will be tested across even tougher obstacles across a 1 mile course.  Participants will get wet and muddy and will need to WORK TOGETHER in order to finish the course.  All who complete the Mini Mudder II will receive an award, ice cream sandwich and Gatorade.

This wont be just another walk in the park so start training TODAY!

Adults:  The day’s itinerary will include:

08:00  Mini Mudder Registration begins
08:30  Mini Mudder team stretch led by Mr. Ed
Mini Mudder volunteer breifing
08:50  Star Spangled Banner sung by Mr Winn
08:55  Mini Mudder Pledge
09:00  Mini Mudder START
11:00  Mini Mudder Awards
Hose down/Clean up.  Depending on the weather, you may want to go home for showers/fresh clothes… we’ll play it by ear.
15:00  Post Mini Mudder Party – Dinner, drinks, fire pit, awesomeness.  We’ll provide plenty of food, wine and beer… if you want to bring a side or dessert, feel free.

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Congratulations To The 2012 Mini Mudders

Congratulations to all 2012 Mini Mudders!  You all did an amazing job challenging yourself to accomplish greatness TOGETHER!

Also, thanks to all the volunteers who helped pull off a seamless event.  From Team Alpha to Team Victor, your contributions were much appreciated.

Check out the pictures here:  PICTURES
Check out the videos here:  VIDEOS

Check back regularly for the announcement of Mini Mudder 2013!

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